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State unemployment benefits can be as low as $235 per week. IncomeAssure is gap unemployment coverage providing the difference between 50% of your former weekly paycheck and the state benefit while you are unemployed.

This is the percentage of your covered salary that will be replaced by a combination of state benefits and IncomeAssure benefits. When on claim, state benefits + IncomeAssure benefits = that percentage of your salary.

Elimination Period – This is the number of waiting weeks between when you first accrue state benefits, and first accrue IncomeAssure benefits. The larger this number is, the lower the premium for your IncomeAssure policy.

Benefit Period – This is the number of weeks for which IncomeAssure will supplement your state unemployment benefits. The lower this number is, the lower the premium for your IncomeAssure policy.

This is your gross salary, bonus and commission during the last 12 months. Any money earned as a 1099 independent contractor should not be included.

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