Supplemental Unemployment Insurance

If you lost your job tomorrow, could you meet your financial obligations?

Even a short unemployment spell can be devastating. As the unprecedented economic impact of the Great Recession has demonstrated, many of us have few options for weathering prolonged job loss without having to exhaust our savings or dip into our other investments, placing our long term financial future at risk. With the average unemployment period now reaching six months, families have a clear need for a safety net to ease the financial strain of job loss.

Though state unemployment systems are designed to replace 50% of former wages, benefits are capped at a relatively low fixed dollar amount. So, once you earn above a certain level, you do not reach the intended 50% wage replacement. Faced with a cash crunch, and without adequate salary replacement, displaced workers are often forced to make difficult choices and tradeoffs. Should I buy groceries or pay the utility bill? Will I default on my mortgage or delay retirement by dipping into my 401(k) account? Will I be able to help my child with college tuition?

IncomeAssure solves these problems. It is the first supplemental unemployment insurance policy of its kind in the U.S. In the event of involuntary unemployment, IncomeAssure will restore you to 50% of your former wages, providing financial protection and peace of mind.
Maximum individual state unemployment benefit could be as little as $235 a week.
70% of those unemployed during the Great Recession have used money from savings and retirement accounts to make ends meet. More than 50% have borrowed from friends and run up credit card debt.
-Rutgers University Study, March, 2010
IncomeAssure prevents the need for policyholders to dip into savings should they become unemployed.
6 out of 10 workers who were laid off and re-employed during the recession say they are overqualified for their new job and took it out of necessity.
-Pew Research Center Study, May, 2010
IncomeAssure provides a cushion to prevent panic decisions, protecting your long-term career.

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